Horses helping people struggling with Addictions

At Shumbashaba we follow the EAGALA methodology for the horse assisted therapy and counselling sessions that we offer. One group of people who have found much opportunity for growth and healing with horses in such sessions are those who have been struggling with addictions.

Whilst facilitating a recent EAGALA Part 1 training I mentioned that the EAGALA method reminded me of  a summary of the philosophies of the 12-steps I had once heard and never forgotten:

  1. Trust God
  2. Clean House
  3. Help Others

In reflecting on this it occurred to me that I could bring this closer to the EAGALA philosophies in the following way:

  1. Trust the Horses and the Process
  2. Clean Observation and Language
  3. Help others to find their Own Best Solutions

I explore further the value of EAGALA method horse assisted therapy in the 12-step recovery process in the attached document which is based on work done by Debra de Hoff of Serenity Farm.

Click below to see the attachment.

EAGALA and the Twelve Steps